Tankless Water Heaters | Change coming April 16, 2015

Tankless Water Heaters | Change coming April 16, 2015

Tankless Water Heaters

National Appliance Energy Conservation Act (NAECA) effective April 16, 2015 which leads to a thinking about tankless water heaters.

This act will change dramatically the simple act of replacing your water heater!

Energy efficiencies are being tightened, once again. Specifically as it applies to gas units. Everything over 55 gallons storage will go from an EF of from .53 to .56 to from .74 to .75!!! That will be a very costly changeover. The good news, for now, is that a 40 gallon will only increase from .59 to .62 and a 50 gallon from .58 to .60.

Anyone with large hot water issues will be forced to upgrade significantly in order to meet the demand. This may be easier said than done as physical size of heaters will also increase limiting the choices for a practical replacement.

The obvious solution is a Rinnai tankless water heater.

The act will increase the tankless standard from .62 to .82. This will level the playing field and remove some of the obvious units from the market. Rinnai has met these standards and more!

The HUGE cost differences have now been eroded and tankless technology can now stand on its own feet.

…Endless hot water will be enjoyed for up to 25 years from a purchase today.

…The small foot print permits the unit to be installed in the most practical spot within the house.

…Energy savings are in the bank. Hard to improve upon perfection.

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