Your Sluggish HVAC Unit May Need Cleaning

Your Sluggish HVAC Unit May Need Cleaning


With the flu season in full swing, did you our your family get sick this year? If so, the problem might be closer than you think.

We are well into the season where the use of the HVAC is depended on for cool, fresh air. If the air quality in your building or home is lacking in production or freshness, you may have a problem developing on your HVAC coils. A sluggish HVAC unit may need cleaning.

How Cleaning HVAC Coils Saves Money on Cooling 

If your energy bills keep rising while the air quality is decreasing from your HVAC unit, then you most certainly have a problem. Clogged HVAC coils can create a range of issues that cost money and undermine the air quality within your business, or home. HVAC coil cleaning is necessary in releasing proper air flow and can prevent a complicated system failure, which can cost you even further down the road. Clogged coils can restrict air flow and also cause more wear and tear on your HVAC unit, decreasing its extended life.

Clogged Coils Aggravate Asthma, Allergies and Other Autoimmune Diseases

If you suffer from seasonal allergies, asthma or any other autoimmune disease, you are more susceptible to reactions or flare ups in your health, especially if your HVAC unit has not been maintained properly. Poor air quality can cause a plethora of problems for business owners.

How Can You Rest Assured That Your HVAC Isn’t Making You Sick?

If you need your HVAC unit maintained properly and cleared of all debris, dust, pollens and other contaminants that can cause sickness or perpetuate existing illness, then the solution is only one phone call away. If you are serious about resolving your sluggish HVAC unit, then give us a call.

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