Tankless Water Heaters | It’s Getting Hot in Here

Tankless Water Heaters | It’s Getting Hot in Here

Tankless Water Heaters | Trends In Showers

Whether you’re just waking up and need the right start to your day, or it’s the end of a long day and you’re ready to relax, a hot shower is the go-to solution. A remedy for so many things, showers may be a man or woman’s best friend—after dogs and diamonds.

Like so many other products, bathroom fixtures and shower surrounds gain and lose popularity over time, and right now, the following are “hot.”

So Long to the Spa?

According to HGTV, more and more homeowners are splurging on steam showers, a moisture-sealed shower enclosure equipped to deliver steam prior to, during and post shower. The complete experience can include mood lighting, a pump for aromatherapy oils and a stereo MP3 dock.

Who Needs A Shower Door?

Move over glass doors on a track, you’re no longer required. Although not all homeowners have made the jump, some have moved towards a door-free shower option that can virtually disappear into the room. This option also helps a smaller bathroom look larger and less compartmentalized.

A Rim-Less Option

Ideal for all ages, the Roman shower is designed without a rim to step over. This is perfect for homes with someone using a walker or wheelchair. The shower has a gradual slope that draws the water down the drain, not into the rest of the bathroom.

Powering Your Shower

Just as important to a luxurious shower experience, is the hot-water heater powering the relaxing waterfall. Why put a time limit on your shower experience? With a Tankless Water Heater, you don’t have to.

Tankless Water Heaters heat water as it’s needed, as there is no storage tank of hot water to deplete, which means a home can run several showers in a row or multiple hot-water appliances at the same time with no fear of running out of hot water.

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