Indoor Air Quality |Best Air Conditioner for my home?

Indoor Air Quality |Best Air Conditioner for my home?

Indoor Air Quality

As a homeowner you may be confused about which type of A/C unit is best for your home. At Air Quality Control we sell Central Air Conditioning Systems, Ductless Air Conditioners and heat pumps.

Is a duct free unit a good choice?

If your home has been built with air ducts made from sheet metal that run from the furnace to each room in the house then your home is well suited to a Central Air Conditioning unit. If your home is heated with hot water rads and does not have an air duct system, or if you simply want to heat or cool an area in your home without ducts, such as an addition on your home or a garage/workshop, a Ductless Air Conditioner is a great option for you.

How does a ductless wall mounted air conditioner work?

A ductless system has two main components: an outdoor unit and an indoor unit.

The outdoor unit is the condenser. The indoor unit is wall mounted.  The outdoor unit pumps cool air and electricity into the indoor unit. This electricity is used to power the indoor unit’s fan, which blows the cool air throughout the room.

This split system gives you the option of using multiple indoor units, allowing you to efficiently air condition specific rooms without having to cool the entire house.

5 Benefits of a Ductless Unit:

  1. Easy for a contractor to install (no ductwork)
  2. Ability to adjust temperature for specific zones
  3. A split systems unit can both heat and cool the space
  4. Quiet when operating
  5. Cost effective

Get advice from an HVAC expert ~

Air Quality Control is here to help. We will visit your home and give you an expert assessment.

Air Quality Control will help you choose the Indoor Air Quality Solution that is right for your home.

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