Savannah, GA | Heating and air technicians tell us they have been swamped with calls from people who lost their heat. 

“When you combine the cold air and the ice that we’re having, the unit can’t defrost on its own,” said Matthew Chance of Byrd’s Heating and Air.  “It’s just too much cold weather for it to be able to do it, which causes ice to form all the way around the unit.  And then eventually it’ll get down into the fan motor and it’ll cause either the fan motor to bind or the blades to break, which will cause a lot more damage.”

Chance says once temps drop down into the 30s, heat units struggle to defrost.  So what should you do?

“The best thing you can do right now is to put your system on emergency heat.  That way it stops sending the signal out for this unit to run.  And it will only run heat strips inside.  That gives the unit a chance to thaw out.  And tomorrow when temps get back above freezing and everything thaws out, to put your system back on regular heat,” Chance said.

Once again, run you’re A.C. unit on emergency heat until it warms back up.  That way you’ll avoid doing more damage to it.

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