Heat Pumps | Why Is It Stuck in Cooling Mode?

Heat Pumps | Why Is It Stuck in Cooling Mode?

Heat Pumps

You press the “heat” button on your dual-mode thermostat only to feel cool air come from your heat pump. While we may not be as cold as other parts of the country, our nights are getting chilly, and no one wants to add to that chilly air with more chilly air. Why is your heat pump stuck in the cooling mode? Because something has happened with the reversing valve, and you’ll need to call for heat pump repair.

What Is the Reversing Valve?

The reversing valve is a component that allows your heat pump to change from heating to cooling and back again by changing the directional flow of the system’s refrigerant. The reversing valve is a medium-sized metal tube with four nozzles – three on the bottom and one on top. There is also a small electronic component on top of the pump called a solenoid. This component helps push the sliding mechanism inside the reversing valve from side to side as needed so that the refrigerant flow can change direction.

A “Stuck” Reversing Valve

The reversing valve is a complex component, and sometimes it can get stuck, either in a mode or in between modes. There a few reasons why a reversing valve can become stuck:

  • A bad solenoid
  • A refrigerant leak
  • A problem with the dual-mode thermostat
  • An issue with the sliding mechanism

The main reason for a solenoid to malfunction is because one or both of the wires in the component fray or become corroded; the good news is that a solenoid can be replaced. But should a refrigerant leak develop within the valve, the valve will need to be replaced. Thermostats can also suffer from frayed and corroded wiring, and they can also malfunction due to too much dust or dirt on the instrumentation. In a worst-case scenario, the thermostat can also be replaced. Lastly, should the sliding mechanism malfunction, there is no way to repair it and the valve will need to be replaced.

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